I’m a freelance journalist, writer and editor currently based in Guyana, South America. My interests include grassroots projects and social enterprise, environmental sustainability, and arts and culture.

I have been working in the media for ten years, first as an editorial assistant, then sub-editor, and now writer and editor. I have also produced radio pieces for BBC World Service, led media workshops in schools, managed social media campaigns, and supported trainee journalists.

This has involved everything from visiting a sustainable rainforest centre in Guyana, to managing the BBC’s Peabody Award-winning Ebola WhatsApp/Facebook services, to writing about a cafe for recovering addicts in London, to visiting NASA’s Johnson Space Center for Channel 4’s BAFTA award-winning series Live from Space.

I have written or worked for many different outlets along the way, including The Guardian, Time Out, Channel 4, BBC, The Big Issue, Visit LondonARISE, The Pavement, The Voice, Esquire and Real Travel.

Recent work (Updated 09/07/17)

Saddle up for Guyana’s rodeo! BBC Fifth Floor, May 2017

FSC-certification gives boost to rainforest community, Mongabay, Dec 2016