I’m a freelance journalist, writer and editor currently based in Guyana, South America. My interests include grassroots projects and social enterprise, environmental sustainability, and arts and culture.

I have been working in the media for ten years, first as an editorial assistant, then sub-editor, and now writer and editor. I have also produced radio pieces for BBC World Service, led media workshops in schools and managed social media campaigns.

This has involved everything from managing the BBC’s Peabody Award-winning Ebola WhatsApp/Facebook services, to writing about a cafe for recovering addicts in London, to visiting NASA’s Johnson Space Center for Channel 4’s BAFTA award-winning series Live from Space.

Recent work (Updated 23/10/17)

(Interview) Eddy Grant: Roots & Culture, Visit Guyana, October 2017

Guyana’s road to Brazil presents opportunity and challenge, Mongabay, August 2017

Saddle up for Guyana’s rodeo! BBC Fifth Floor, May 2017

FSC-certification gives boost to rainforest community, Mongabay, Dec 2016